The small rural community of Pettisville is located half way between Archbold and Wauseon on Fulton Co Rd 19. Some internet directions will mislead you. Get driving directions to the Pettisville Park-> Directions by Google Maps. Note the mailing address for the Pettisville Park is Co Rd DE Wauseon 43567, so Google Maps lists the postal address (instead of showing the town as Pettisville).

 First Time Park Visitors:

Use the PGC Grain Silos on County Rd D-E as a landmark for the park entrance. Take County Rd 18 and turn onto County Rd D-E which is also marked Dame St. The Pettisville Park Entrance is just west of the PGC Grain Silos. Click for popUp of local view.
Please Note- Google Maps shows some confusing information. Their map pin is accurate, but they list the Pettisville Park as a Wauseon address. And don't rely on Google Street View to find the park entrance. Birch Ave does not reach the park. The Park Entrance is on County Rd D-E.