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Friendship Days Festival Photo Albums

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Friendship Days


  • Pettisville  Park Pavilion Entrance
    Pavilion has tables and chairs for 150. Air conditioned and wheelchair accessible.
  • Pettisville Community Park
    Park's financial support comes from private individuals, Pavilion rental and our Friendship Days festival.
  • Pettisville Park Pavilion
    Rent the Pavilion for Family Events.
  • Pettisville Park Pavilion Entrance Inside
    Pettisville Park Pavilion is available for Class Reunions and private parties.
  • Sunset Park Pond



  • Elvis
    Elvis Wade performance June 28, 2014
  • Frey 2014
    Alex Frey 5K Winner 2014
  • Killian 2014
    Karen Killian 5K Female Winner 2014
  • Auction 1
    Hersh at the 2014 park auction
  • Dunk
    Dunk tank at the 2014 Friendship Days Festival
  • Tent
    2014 Friendship Days Festival to support our park