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Pettisville Recycling Center

Recycling Center at Pettisville ParkIs located east of Pettisville Park's parking lot on Co Rd D-E.

Pettisville Cardboard Recycling

Update to Fulton Co Recycling information


Note- Only Cardboard will be collected at the Pettisville Recycling Center, at this time.

Triangular Processing, the Fulton County division that handles our recycling, will have a cardboard collection trailer parked at the Pettisville Recycling Center, starting Monday, July 20.

At this time, only cardboard will be recycled at Pettisville, and they will transfer two trailer loads per week. Please drop-off only flattened and clean cardboard and place it in the trailer. No styrofoam, plastics, or painted material.

If the trailer is full, please postpone your drop-off until the next trailer arrives or take your cardboard along to the Wauseon Recycling Center, with your other recyclable materials. The Wauseon drop-off facility is open 24/7.

Google Maps directions to the Wauseon Recycling Drop-off→ Fulton Co. Rd F -