Recycling Event

The Pettisville Recycling "Drop-off Event" is located east of Pettisville Park's parking lot on Co Rd D-E.

Scheduled Drop-off Event for Recyclable Items

Saturday, May 11, 2024, from 8:30 am to 11 am, we will collect all recyclable items during this "Drop-off Event" at the Pettisville Recycling Center.

Pettisville FFA members will help unload your sorted material to fill totes and bags during "Scheduled Drop-off Events" at the Pettisville Recycling Center. Please note we can no longer recycle glass items.

We take Plastics 1 & 2 (tops smaller than the bottom) - no oil or antifreeze containers. We also accept Newspaper, Magazines, Copy Paper, Aluminum Cans and Foil (separated), Steel or Tin cans, and smaller scrap items (need to fit in the totes), and Cardboard (please flatten your cardboard).

8/19/23  Update to Pettisville Recycling Information

Triangular Processing, the Fulton County division that handles our recycling, will continue to have a cardboard collection trailer parked at the Pettisville Recycling Center and transfer two trailer loads per week. Please drop-off only flattened and clean cardboard and place it in the trailer. No styrofoam, plastics, or painted material.

If the trailer is full, please postpone your drop-off until the next trailer arrives or take your cardboard directly to the Wauseon Recycling Center. The Wauseon drop-off facility is open 24/7.

Scheduled Drop-off Events at Pettisville (for all our Recyclable Items) continue and
Open Recycling has Returned.

Pettisville FFA and Triangular Processing will collect sorted material to fill totes and bags during our 2nd Saturday Recycling from 8:30-11 am at the Pettisville Recycling Center. FFA members are there to help unload, train, clean, etc.

The Pettisville FFA Center is now open 24/7 for those who follow the collection rules posted on the signs at the recycling center.  Please do not leave anything not posted as recyclable on the signs.  There are MANY things that recycle at some other places, but not here.  Recycle clean materials only.

The Wauseon Recycling drop-off facility is open 24/7. They don't take glass but do accept most recyclable materials.

Google Maps directions to the Wauseon Recycling Drop-off→ 540 W Linfoot St, Wauseon, OH

The agriculture education teachers are Whitney Short and Megan Drake.  Their email addresses are and