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Pettisville Community Park

thumb Pettisville Community ParkPettisville's park is unique in that no taxes have been used in it's funding. The Park is a community project directed by a network of volunteers that serve for three years on the Park Board. PARC Inc is the non-profit organization created for the park's benefit.

2017 Park Board Volunteers

Ben Moyer- President
Amy Leppelmeier- Vice President
Hannah Dymarkowski- Secretary
Danny Dymarkowski
Eric Rychener
Jason Mansfield
Eric Wagler

Park Board Treasurer Opening- Now Filled

Aug 2, 2017 - PARC Inc, the non-profit organization that manages the Pettisville Park has an opening for the position of Park Board Treasurer. This is a part-time paid position that requires accounting experience and access to the internet for communicating directly with Park Pavilion renters.

Aug 18, 2017- Several qualified applications for the Park's Job Opening have been received and Park Board officers will be evaluating those applications, this next week.

Sep 10, 2017- Gina Norr has been selected as Park Board Treasurer. She's been a resident of the Pettisville community for almost 7 years. Gina is wife to Kent Norr who is the senior pastor at Pettisville Missionary Church. Kent and Gina have four children. Their oldest son is a freshman at Northwest State Community College and their other children are homeschooled by Gina in 10th, 8th and 5th grades. Gina looks forward to meeting more of the Pettisville community through being on the Park Board.

  • Pettisville  Park Pavilion Entrance
    Pavilion has tables and chairs for 150. Air conditioned and wheelchair accessible.
  • Pettisville Community Park
    Park's financial support comes from private individuals, Pavilion rental and our Friendship Days festival.
  • Pettisville Park Pavilion
    Check pavilion availability here on our website's Pavilion Calendar.

    Rental Calendar

  • Pettisville Park Pavilion Entrance Inside
    Pettisville Park Pavilion is available for Class Reunions, Business Meetings and Family Events.
  • Sunset Park Pond