Park Restrooms Vandalized

The Park Board has decided to lock the restrooms (south of the pond) due to several episodes of vandalism. They will only be open during home soccer games (both varsity and junior high). We are sorry for the inconvenience to our community members that have built our park through personal donations.

Donate to
Security Fund
Park Maintenance Fund

Help us install a security system at the park or contribute to Park Maintenance.
Use a Credit Card on PayPal's secure site to process your donation to PARC Inc (the park's non-profit organization). Checks can be mailed to PARC Inc. PO Box 53205, Pettisville OH 43553.

PARC Inc is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization

8/31/20     Fulton Co Board of Elections update

November 3 Election info and downloadable forms (including an Absentee Ballot Application), on the Fulton Co Board of Election's new website-

Listen to the audio interview on our local Board of Election's Facebook Page→ Fulton Co Board of Elections, Melanie Gilders.

While current plans are to hold "In-Person Voting" at the Pettisville Park Pavilion on November 3, all Ohio voters do have the option to vote using an "Absentee Ballot" if they feel that's a better choice for them.

If you don't have a printer to print-out their PDF forms from the website, they do have printed forms available outside their Wauseon location (see photos below). The Ballot Drop Box shown below is for those who choose to vote by Absentee Ballot but don't want to "mail" their completed ballot back to the Board of Elections.

Facebook users can follow election updates at→ FacebookIconFulton County Ohio Board of Elections

Ballot Drop Box WauseonWauseon OH Fulton Co Board of Elections office

Directions to→ the Fulton Co Board of Elections and their Ballot Drop Box.

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6/15/20          Pavilion & Playground Update

1. Pavilion Rental "cancellations/reschedulings" no longer need a "30-day" notice as a full refund requirement. If you have questions about Pavilion Rental Cancellations please contact the Park Treasurer.

2. The Park's playground has opened, but we still need to maintain a 6-foot social distance from others, and sanitize hands before and after playground sessions. Be aware the playground equipment is only as clean as the previous users left it. Don't let your children play with others if you see coughing or sneezing and please report any maintenance concerns.

Playground has opened

3. Please do not use the Park facilities or attend any group activities at the Pavilion if you have any of the symptoms shown below.

Covid-19 symptoms

This link will take you to the web page "Responsible Restart Ohio" →